• Can be installed in out of the way areas.
  • Can be affixed to the wall, suspended from ceiling or even mounted from a drop ceiling.  
  • Window air conditioner units are inefficient and block windows all summer.
  • Electric base board heat is expensive and only effectively heat small rooms.  
  • Space heaters are dangerous, according to the Harvard University Environmental Health & Safety group they cause 25,000 fires per year.


  • A ductless mini split system is the perfect heating/cooling option for additions.  Your existing ducted air conditioning/heating system may not be able to support the BTU’s needed for the addition.  Running additional ducts from your current ductwork requires opening walls and ceilings, this additional cost/work can be eliminated by having a mini split installed.


  • Mini splits are much quieter than window units because condenser and evaporator are not “packaged” in one cased unit.  For this reason, these units are not as noisy for homeowners/neighbors.


  • Can be used as a dehumidifier/heater/air conditioner or even just a fan.


  • Strategic placement allows for more efficient energy use.  Household temperature can be controlled room to room. Heating individual rooms is more cost effective.   
  • Reduces energy loss typical with inefficient duct work. Ducts constructed wrong lose up to 30% energy.


  • Ducted systems accumulate debris combined with condensation within ducts this debris becomes toxic mold.
  • Routine cleaning of mini splits is far easier.